Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Woven Chevron Block for June

Natalie is the BOM Queen this month and she has chosen the Woven Chevron Block, you can find the tutorial here.  This tutorial is for an 8.5-inch block.  Natalie said at the meeting last night, that she added 1 inch to each measurement, to get the 12.5-inch block.

These would be the measurements to use for the 12.5-inch block:

From background fabric (Ash):
* Four 3 1/2" squares
* Four 4" squares.
* Two 4 1/2" squares

From color 1 (Surf):
* Four 4" squares
* One 4 1/2" square

From color 2 (Orange)
* Four 4" squares
* One 4 1/2" square

She also plans to provide a PDF to help get the block the correct size.  I'll post that as soon as it arrives.  Here's the PDF.